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Dental Recall Cards

Dental Recall Card
Midwest Dental Solutions creates unique customized & branded dental recall cards that will help you decrease your missed and failed appointments. If the value of your average dental recall visit is $100 – $300, isn’t it worth a $.50 postcard to ensure the patient comes to their recall visit?


Why should I use custom dental recall cards?

  • Ensure your patients remember to keep their hygiene appointment
  • Decrease your no show and failed appointment rates
  • Differentiate yourself with branded communication
  • Communicate a professional image with your practice name & logo image in color
  • Not all patients use email addresses & not all email addresses in your data base are current

Many practices are taking advantage of email & text appointment reminders. Unfortunately, not all patients use email or check their email regularly.  Other patients may have changed their email address without notifying your office.  Postcards can serve as a reminder 2 – 4 weeks prior to their appointment to motivate the patient to confirm or reschedule their appointment and supporting your email & text based appointment system.

Whether you are creating your first customized dental recall card OR you want to increase your hygiene department revenue and decrease no-shows, we can help.   Contact us at (847) 370-9131 or email us.  We are here to stimulate your practice growth!

Midwest Dental Solutions has created more than 20 branded and custom dental recall cards for dentists in the Chicago area and the Midwest.

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