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Social Media

Social Media for dentists should be part of every internet marketing strategy.

Whether you are a general dentist or a dental specialist, using social media to connect with your current patients and reach out to new patients has become a practice imperative. Over the last 5 years, social media has become an integral part of communication whether you are a teenager or a senior. The Internet used to be a 1:1 technology, now it’s 1:millions. Your practice should be part of that innovation.

Social media and SEM (search engine marketing) are connected. Every social media site should be connected to your website(s). Promoting your website and creating back links in in your social media posts will promote your practice, improve your SEO and improve your positioning in Google and all major search engines.

Social Media for Dentists | Midwest Dental Solutions

Midwest Dental Solution creates social media posts designed to connect you ..

  • To your patient base AND their friends and colleagues
  • To your referral base AND their friends and colleagues
  • To your POTENTIAL patients and referrals.
  • We’ll teach you how to take advantage of social media for your dental marketing campaign.
  • We’ll set you up with your accounts.
  • We’ll get you started with blogs, Facebook and Google+ posts containing meaningful information pertinent to your services.
  • We’ll maintain your social media OR let you and your staff take over!

Our social media for dentists includes the following services:

  • Social media dental marketing strategy: You’ll get a social media strategy on a timeline so you can track your progress and your social media successes.
  • Social media audit: You’ll get an analysis of your website’s presence and your social profile on-line.
  • Competitive analysis: You’ll get a competitive analysis of your competition and recommendations to put your practice ahead of the rest.
  • Social profile creation: You’ll be set up on social media and blog sites.
  • Social media messaging: You’ll be started with social media and blog postings that you and your staff can maintain OR we can maintain them for you.

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