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Dental Marketing Services

Midwest Dental Solutions combines dental marketing and advertising expertise with young and creative design talent to form a dental marketing team that will help you succeed. Take a look at the solutions we have to market and grow your dental practice.
Midwest Dental Solutions provides dental marketing services for general dentists and for dental specialists.

We have innovative internal and external marketing programs that will help you.

  • Establish a strong presence in the community
  • Grow your practice through new patient acquisition
  • Strengthen the relationships with your current patients

Are you in a practice transition or a new practice owner?
Midwest Dental Solutions will develop a marketing program that will protect your investment and retain your patients. We provide verbal skills training to transition the doctor, staff and patients.  We will create your website presence, the direct mail, patient letter, print ads and complete the implementation process with turn-key ease.

Need marketing for your dental start-up?
Midwest Dental Solution can guide you through the process of opening your new dental practice. Marketing should  begin with site selection, practice name selection and website domain selection. We will help you develop a professional presence in the Internet and local community.

With Midwest Dental Solutions, you’ll have patients scheduled on the first day you’re open.